Thursday, May 04, 2006

Busy Bee

I've been temping the past few days at a post-production studio eerily close to "the temple of doom". Took me about 10 minutes to get there and home each way. Didn't mind at all - certainly beats the times they send me to Century City. It's only 10 miles away but takes me at least an hour to get there, and that's without traffic. :P Anyway, I met some great people, made a few friends, and don't miss being there 9-7. Luckily there was another receptionist at the same desk. When you sit with someone for 8 hours a day, you get to know them very quickly.

Acting class was hard last night. I'll be honest, it was rough. I didn't do poory, but I sure threw myself a pity party, feeling like I was the worst actress in the world. Jon, another actor in class and a good friend, took me for a walk and talked me through all my woes and then checked in on me this afternoon. Since the temp job let me go early today, we met for coffee at the Bourgeois Pig coffee shop just down the street and had a lovely chat with a mixed berry smoothie. Good times, good drink, and good conversation in the lovely L.A. sunshine. How could it get any better?

I have to go. P.J. is meowing at me to play. Priorities. :)

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Jenny said...

Good to chat with you last night, sounds like a great night with the girls. Everybody misses you both and are so excited that you are in LA Making It Happen. Don't get too LA on us, though. :) Unless you get rich and invite us over for wild parties in your pool. Then do whatever the hell you want.