Friday, May 12, 2006


It's amazing to me that people can be so "important" when they walk through the front door. Last week I was working at the post-production facitlity and I must have had a dozen or so people walk through the door on their cell phones...well, not really. They had those funny ear mikes in, or the robot-type things hooked onto their ears. Anyway, they are telling me they are here to see a very important person because they themselves are very important. Whatever. And they do this without knowing where they are going, who they are hear to see, and still talking on the phone while receiving their visitors badge and signing in.

I tell you, the more I see of the industry, the more that I personally don't want to be involved. I'll let my husband do it instead. I'll get in the back way when Matt makes it big. Or sorta big. All in all it doesn't matter how much he makes just so long as I get a house. Eventually. Without bugs. And a wine cellar. And a yard. On the water.

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