Sunday, February 26, 2006


I really hate being at work on Sunday mornings. It's Sunday School and someone has to be here to answer the phones that NEVER ring! While I love kids, I like them in small doses, like 2 or 3 at a time. I am trying to work, but singing "Old McDonald" and running and yelling through the halls does not bode well for editing the newsletter. Urgh.

I have been sick this past week with a terrible cold that started in my head and then moved to my throat, which turned into laryngitis. It's now made it's way to my sinuses but believe it or not I'm actually feeling better.

Matt and I will be heading to the Northwest for a few days next month. His sister is visiting for a week so we'll join the Vancils in a family reunion. We are looking forward to fresh air and rain, believe it or not! Though we're going to freeze our tooshies off if the weather doesnt' get above 50. I swear, we are only Californians in terms of weather. Once I start wearing fashionable clothes and going tanning every week, then I give you full permission to slap me upside the head. :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

It's time you should know...

...that I quit my job! :) My last day is a week from yesterday, so March 2. I have called a few temp agencies, including the last one I was with and they are excited to have me back. Matt has been incredibly supportive of this decision, as have the parents, so I feel that I am finally on the right track. I don't know what's next. I am so bored with administrative assisting, but it pays nicely...ugh. I think if temping can work out for awhile, that would be nice. I'd like something flexible and non-comittal for awhile. This would also give me a little more time to focus on my acting and maybe decorate the apartment. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Does the $*#! ever stop?

I have unfortunate news.

My Grandpa Richard, my dad's father, his cancer has returned. We don't know much more than that - we just found out last week. He's going to remain in Spokane to get treatment and Aunt Sharon and Uncle Terry will be his main caregivers, though he may trek over to Seattle for a second opinion and/or special tests. I called him last week and he seemed to be in good spirits, though I'm sure he's worried.

The other blow is that Mom's tumor markers have jumped from 55 to 126. This is quite a shock since Mom has been feeling so good these past few months. She's in Oregon this week as my sister has some sort of viral infection and Dad doesn't want Mom to get sick. Mom is visiting Aunt Muriel and Uncle John, and today they are taking her to the beach.

I'm just so frustrated and depressed right now. How come this keeps happening? When will enough be enough? We don't need these bad things to keep happening. We need some happy things. I know that there's a possibility that everything will work out, but I have to say that right now, I have very little faith in whoever is in charge. I'm actually very furious at whoever is in charge. Can I sound 2 for a moment? THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Paige, Camille, and Santa Monica

But she gave total L.A. 'tude.

Paige wanted me to give L.A. attitude. I couldn't, I was to happy!

It was a beautiful day in Santa Monica.
It had rained the night before and so there was no smog.
Look out L.A.! Here we come!

My new man, Tango.

The lovely Paige drinking a lovely beer on the lovely 3rd Street Promenade.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Pacific Northwest According To Jeff Foxworthy:"You know you are from the Northwest if:

1. You know the state flower (Mildew).

2. You feel guilty throwing aluminum cans or paper inthe trash.

3. Use the statement "sun break" and know what itmeans.

4. You know more than 10 ways to order coffee.

5. You know more people who own boats than airconditioners.

6. You feel overdressed wearing a suit to a nicerestaurant.

7. You stand on a deserted corner in the rain waitingfor the "Walk" signal.

8. You consider that if it has no snow or has notrecently erupted, it is not a real mountain.

9. You can taste the difference between Starbucks,Seattle's Best, and Veneto's.

10. You know the difference between Chinook, Coho, andSockeye Salmon.

11. You know how to pronounce Sequim, Puyallup,Issaquah, Oregon, Yakima, and Willamette.12. You consider swimming an indoor sport.

13. You can tell the difference between Japanese,Chinese and Thai food.

14. In winter, you go to work in the dark and comehome in the dark-while only working eight-hour days.

15. You never go camping without waterproof matchesand a poncho.

16. You are not fazed by "Today's forecast: showersfollowed by rain," and "Tomorrow's forecast: rainfollowed by showers."

17. You have no concept of humidity withoutprecipitation.

18. You know that Boring is a town in Oregon and notjust a state of mind.

19. You can point to at least two volcanoes, even ifyou cannot see through the cloud cover.

20. You notice, "The mountain is out" when it is apretty day and you can actually see it.

21. You put on your shorts when the temperature getsabove 50, but still wear your hiking boots and parka.

22. You switch to your sandals when it gets about 60,but keep the socks on.

23. You have actually used your mountain bike on a mountain.

24. You think people who use umbrellas are eitherwimps or tourists.

25. You buy new sunglasses every year, because youcannot find the old ones after such a long time.

26. You measure distance in hours.27.

You often switch from "heat" to "a/c" in the sameday.

28. You design your kid's Halloween costume to fitunder a raincoat.

29. You know all the important seasons: Almost Winter,Winter, Still Raining (Spring), Road Construction(Summer), Deer & Elk Season (Fall).

30. You actually understood these jokes and willprobably forward them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy V-Day

Matt is ill with a cold/flu type bug. Isn't that romantic? If we can't go out I guess we'll order in and I'll do some chores to get ready for Steph's visit. Originally we were going to go out for sushi...sigh...I guess we'll just have to see how he feels later on tonight...sigh...

Our landlord came by last night. As of March 1, our free parking rights will be terminiated which means an extra 50 bucks a month. I told her that I was not upset with her, but rather the management company who seems to think that what we pay is still not enough. Obviously we have no choice. I can't park my car anywhere else. There is never parking available on the streets. Urgh.

The spiritual retreat was wonderful. Malibu is, of course, STUNNING! Some ladies at the retreat even saw Britney Spears walking her baby with her bodyguard. How funny! Apparently they also saw Steven Spielberg's mother. How the heck would you recognize her??? It was great to have some quiet time and meet new people. Sunday the weather was so lovely that after the retreat was done at noon, Kari, Amanda, and I laid out in the sun for about an hour. I need to make a habit of laying out in the sun more often. I sitll don't have a tan...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Weekend Apart

I'm off to Malibu this weekend for a spiritual retreat. I'm not sure what to expect besides getting out of the city, enjoying the peace and quiet of the outdoors, spending time with friends, and meeting new people. Kari, Amanda, Kathy (Kari's mom) and I are going. Now, I consider myself agnostic so this should be an interesting experience. This is where we're going. The fact that there's a dog on the grounds is definitely a good sign. :) And, rooms inside. No tents or sleeping bags. That's definitely a good thing. :)

Matt is filming this weekend, which means he'll be pooped when I get home from relaxing all weekend. Tonight we went to dinner at a local Thai restaurant with his writing group. Luckily spouses and significant others were invited too, so we all got to chat and have fun and talk about stuff other than writing and movies. Mary and I really hit it off. We're hopefully going to go hiking in Pasadena or Malibu at the end of the month.

Did I happen to mention that Stephanie is coming to visit a week from tomorrow? Did I happen to mention that I'm soooooooooo excited!? :)

So when are the rest of you coming to visit?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

it's all about LOST!

Okay, so I'm going to start using capital letters now. People keep asking me why I don't use them and I don't really have an answer, so I may as well start typing normally. I guess it's difficult to read without capital letters. :)

Matt has started watching Veronica Mars on DVD which I have not because I'm already addicted to Project Runway. Then Celena FINALLY convinced me to watch Lost because I'm sick of 24 and O.C. So, I got the first 2 discs from Season 1 on Netflix and Matt and I watched 8 episodes Friday night. Great! So Celena and I are getting together today, hopefully with Spring (who is another awesome gal in our acting class) to watch the remaining episodes on Celena's lovely widescreen tv that she won at a raffle (we could only be so lucky). And I have no self control, just so you know. I couldn't wait for Netflix to send the rest of the DVD's, so I bought the entire season of LOST (on sale). I have not opened the box, which I bought yesterday, for fear of not getting my chores done. Of course, Celena and I are anit-superbowl (Go Seahawks!), so we'll be wasting our time today. :)

Matt had an excellent meeting with the Dean of Students at AFI the other day. The Dean is trying to help Matt get a really good summer internship and is going to pass a letter and information aboutMatt to a friend of his who happens to be an writing agent! This is really good news and we're very excited! Hopefully his internship will be PAID. Otherwise I'll have to find a part-time summer job to make ends meet and I'm not so totally thrilled about that.

In other news, a dear friend of mine had a miscarriage. I won't say who she is, but this is very traumatic for her and her family. They had been trying for about 6 months and she was so happy and excited. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

not much to write home about

i've been trying to think of stuff that's been happening that's worth mentioning...

1. feeling much better. i have my make-up acting class tonight and we are filming the scene in which i play an abused woman. my scene partner is wonderful and very talented. should go well!

2. picked up my new, professional looking headshots. will scan and put up later.

3. printer has failed to work for weeks now. finally called dell and because it's under warranty they have sent a new one at no cost.

4. mom is doing great! feeling good, hooray for being off chemo! she'll have another blood test this month to determine her tumor marker.

5. matt is doing well in school. it's going to be a tough sememster with 2 cycle projects and trying to find a summer internship (hopefully finding one that pays, but that's unlikely). he's hoping to get something with joss whedon or the show "veronica mars".

we are also trying to fiscally prepare for the summer as we will have no loan money coming in again until september. suck balls. :( i hate being a grown-up sometimes!

6. work is going well, again. seems to change every week! rabbi asked me to go to a meeting on her behalf today which is a good sign.

7. it's sunny and warm outside. i'd rather be at the beach.