Wednesday, August 31, 2005


shoot. i didn't get the job at audiences at unlimited. i found out this morning and frankly, i just sat at the computer and cried, not knowing what to do. i felt as though i'd let everybody down, especially matt. i found my friend celena online and just whined. she was so great and supportive, gave me the strength to continue with the search and so i applied for a few more jobs via craigs list and monster. my mom suggested looking at an employment agency so i signed up with one today. i have an interview with them on friday afternoon and i really hope that something happens, although i'm not getting my hopes up too high.

matt has his first friends from film school over tonight - yay! cooking for me and four hungry guys! spaghetti and salad is a big hit. :) considering that we're only 3 blocks from campus, they are already talking about coming over whenever they're hungry, which i know they are joking but i actually enjoy cooking for a lot of people. anyway, it's just really cool to overhear their ideas and thoughts and how they feel about afi. i am sitting in a room with some of the future generation of the entertainment industry...that feeling is incredible. let's see...nathan is from indiana...tom is from taiwan...and brian is from okalahoma...great guys!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

california girl

i am officially a resident of california! i took the written driving test today and passed, what a miracle (i hate tests). i should get the license by early next week. woohoo! matt is thinking about getting a license but will probably wait since he's a student and has a little more flexibility.

registration went alright. he's overwhelmed and excited and nervous and did i mention overwhelmed? things will work out, and he's in his element which is very rewarding. he's working with a great group of writers for the next few days which helps. one guy is from australia and a total hoot.

still no word from audiences unlimited...getting frustrated...will call tomorrow to check on the status of the position...

Monday, August 29, 2005


break a leg matt! :) today is registration and he's nervous but so is everyone else. i had a chance to meet some of the other "fellows" (at afi, they are fellows, not students) and it's a great group of people. i'm jealous that he gets to spend so much time with such a talented group of film makers! in any case, i'm just so dang proud. way to go, honey! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

well, poo!

i didn't make it to the second round of interviews at afi. poo! they needed someone with more production experience, which i understand, but still poo on them! she was really nice about it and even sent me the industry job list which is 13 pages filles of job listings in the entertainment industry...unfortunately most of them are unpaid internships.

today was filled with more applications and resumes. i'm starting to get very frustrated and angry at this whole situation, but matt has been very supportive so i just keep going.

i should hear back from audiences unlimited by the middle of next week. i think i did alright...i was myself which could be a good or bad thing. well, anyway, here's hoping i find work SOON!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


we just got back from a fantastic concert. we met a couple from new york...actually, they are recent transplants to l.a. anyway, names are sam and george. george recently got his masters degree in screenwriting from columbia university and sam is a wonderful, kick-butt musician! my favorite song of hers is el dorado, but they are all good. i'm definitely going to her show again next week.

spent way too much money on dinner tonight but it was totally worth it. good drinks, jazzy atmosphere, and i have to say, the waitress was pretty hot! :P

Monday, August 22, 2005

working girl, part 2

i have an interview tomorrow afternoon at audiences unlimited for the job that angela reccomended me for. now if i could just figure out how to get there, i'll be all set.

this movie production company is frickin' awesome! the phones are quiet but there's lots going on. i would love to come back here if i continue to temp. the production assistant is really nice, very helpful. minor things have happened, like coodinating a conference call and misplaced packages, but it's all good! :)

working girl

today i'm temping at a motion picture production comapny in santa monica. it took me almost an hour to get here because of 1) traffic and 2) i couldn't find the frickin parking garage! :P

gencon was a huge success for the dead gentlemen. matt came back from the con totally exhausted but totally excited. good things are around the corner, i just know it!

oh, and my friend/former college roomie, amanda, is officially here! she moved into company housing yesterday and starts her job today. welcome to so cal, my dear!

Friday, August 19, 2005

i corrupted another one

celena, my friend from high-school (and yes, we just recently got back in touch) and i watched "the gamers" tonight. even though i've seen it a billion times (and dear, i say that with love!) it's always fun to watch it with someone new. i love the out-takes. they are my favorite!

today i worked at the gay cruise line office. it was interesting. stuffing envelopes...again...the office was luckily filled with fabulous people and i go back tomorrow to finish the fabulous job of stuffing more envelpes and dealing with a very stressed out supervisor!

p.s. i had an interview at afi that went well, and i have another one, maybe, next week for audiences unlimited. thanks to angela for reccomending me for the position! i owe you a drink!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

you've been waiting for this!

our living room/office and a peek at the dining room table. don't those kitty trees look inviting?

the bathroom.

the kitchen. 70's style. and bigger than our last one!

our bedroom...i have never been a fan of making the bed.

our front door and hallway closet. straight ahead is the bathroom, to the right is the bedroom, and to the left is the living room. beyond the living room is the dining room and kitchen.

view from our dining room. lovely cars! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

job hunting

it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. there's all sorts of opportunities out there, some that have nothing to do with my background but are asking for skills that i know i have and i just have to figure out how to make myself sound smart enough. :) i hate cover letters. have i mentioned that before? i despise them. luckily i had an interview at afi (where matt is going) yesterday and it went well, except they have a few concerns. one is, of course, that matt will be going there and that might be a conflict. also, i have limited movie production experience (the job is in the production department). the gal was really nice, though, and said that if i get called back for the next round of interviews to talk to matt and some other movie making friends about move production so that i'll know what i'm talking about when they ask me questions. :) that was really nice of her, and i hope i get the chance to show them my stuff!

i've also sent out my resume for a couple of independent short films and for a short play going on in november. there's also an audition for the california shakespeare company on monday that i'll start prepping for tomorrow - they want a shakespearean monologue. i'm terribly nervous - i haven't been to an audition since april. but, there's no time like the present so i'd just better get crackin' on the verse. :)

matt is out tonight meeting with some of his fellow fellows (afi students are not students, they are fellows) at the silver lake red lion inn. i hope the meeting is going well. our neighbor, wendy (who graciously took care of our kitties while we were up in seattle) met another afi fellow in the building and was planning on going tonight. matt seemed excited, so i hope it goes well for him.

speaking of kitties, they are adjusting wonderfully. although, while we were gone, they were obviously traumatized. apparently they missed the litter box a few times (only #2) and threw up on the carpet. i think it will be awhile before we are gone for 4 days at a time!

Friday, August 12, 2005

gray? what gray?

today was our first full day back at my folks house in seattle. we woke up to a gray morning but by noon the clouds had disappeared and it was sunny and mildly warm with a gentle cool breeze. mom and i had our doctors appointments and then went out to lunch at marlene's market in federal way. i took a nap while matt went to downtown with katie and her friend flora. then we had indian food for dinner and played a very fun card game called apples to apples (i'm totally addicted). tomorrow i have a facial and a massage, followed by a walk down to the ballard locks. tomorrow night mom and i will make my favorite dish of hers, cabbage rolls. yum! then sunday we're off to matt's folks house. they just got back from europe today and poor nancy came down with bronchitis. luckily the choir tour was a huge success and while they are exhausted, they seem really happy about the outcome.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

da da da da da da

yesterday i had my first temp job: stuffing envelopes at FX! :) i met some really cool people and though we won't keep in touch one of them was an actress who's been here for a couple of years and gave me some tips on where to go for classes. she also reccomended a couple of books to read. i also had what i thought was going to be a job interview but it was really a cattle call. one of those companies where you have to pay to start and i said "no thank you". i came home compeletely frustrated and worn out, having spent 2 hours listening to these yahoos and i couldn't leave earlier because i was sitting in the front row.

today we're going to knotts berry farm and going on some awesome roller coasters! i don't want to brag, but it's my birthday today. :) so far i've slept in and matt has agreed that we can go to noah's bagels for breakfast. then it's off to the park! tomorrow we take off for seattle which we are looking forward to. rudy is doing very well with my folks and loves to roll in the shower after someone uses it. such a funny cat!

Monday, August 08, 2005

the job hunt

this temp thing isn't really working for me. this morning i called to let them know that i'm available and the receptionist said "hang on, let me get something to write with since there's a bunch of you calling." i thought to myself, "okay camille, this is NOT good. well, good for those getting work but not for you. probably best to start applying for jobs on your own." so, that's what i've been doing. since friday. i've found several more that i'm qualified for so hopefully i can apply for 2 or 3 a day. my goal is to be employed by the end of the month. minimum goal is to have had several interviews. :)

beautiful, sunny morning here in los angeles. tank top and jeans. i am definitely getting used to this. matt and i take off thursday for seattle. i think we might actually be cold when we get up there, but according to friends and family, it's been quite hot. i'll bet anything that it will rain the whole time we're up there. my one request? to go to our favorite indian restaurant, the india bistro on market street in ballard. yum!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

another lute in l.a.!

congrats amanda on the new job! my former college roomie will be here by the end of the month to join kari and i in the thrills of dessert life. i'm so glad she's moving out here and getting out of texas. she got a sweet job offer and it will be great to get reaquainted with her.

so, when are the rest of you moving here/visiting? :)

things i thought we'd never adjust to...

1. paying $20 for a parking spot
2. always having cash so we can pay for parking
3. the traffic (it's like 405 during rush hour, very familiar so to me it's not that bad)
4. the weather (we actually get a little chilly at night)
5. eating in more often than going out (trust me, that takes control)
6. hearing crickets at night
7. central a/c
8. barbie doll types
9. when someone says "close by" they actually mean a 20-30 minute drive
10. the freeway system...well, we're still working on that one...

Friday, August 05, 2005

my tv obsession

I don't know what it is about this show, but I just can't get enough of it. Call me weird, lame, insane, whatever, I LOVE THIS SHOW! :) My grandma Betty and I used to watch it all the time, and when I was in The Shadowbox in college, I watched it to study how to act like a woman in her 60's. I also watch it for acting reasons - all 4 of these awesome women are seasoned actresses and I learn so much from their comedic timing. And guess what?! Seasons 1 and 2 are out on DVD! :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

good news

mom got the results of her CAT scan back...

...good news...

...the cancer is going away...

...still processing, in shock, but in a VERY good way! :)

oh, and we finally unpacked the last box. it's not all organized, but it's all unpacked.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

fun with friends

today my friend amanda has a job interview out in woodland hills (about 20 miles outside l.a. east of encino). it seems that this company really wants her and i really hope she gets it so that she can leave texas. last night i went over to a house where kari is housesitting and we had a great time. amanda, kari, and i all reminisced about living together in the wheeler house at plu and kari's dad chris made an amazing bbq dinner. we went swimming and played with the dog, it was so much fun! matt stayed home, of course, to catch up on gamers2 notes to ben and also homework. he is feeling a little overwhelmed these days, understandably so, and still has 20 movies to watch in addition to a few short screenplays to write, all before school starts september 7.

this temp job thing isn't going to work out right away. i doubt i'll get work today (i didn't yesterday), this is going to take some time, and i just have to be patient. it's been sort of nice to do whatever i want (read, watch movies, play games, hang out with friends) but there will come a point where i'll be ready to work. i guess this is just a much needed "extended vacation" because i have been working so hard these past few years. but i'll still be up, every morning at 8 to call the office at 8:30 to let them know whether or not i'm available. i wonder if i also need to call the night before?

mom and dad and katie are vacationing on the olympic penninsula at katie's boyfriend's parents cabin. no tv, no phone (but they get cell phone reception), and mom is completely in love with it. no noise from the city and it's completely surrounded by trees. i'm not sure if katie feels the same way, but i'm sure she's keeping herself entertained. dad is also having a good time. i'm so glad they found some time to get away. matt and i will head up to seattle for a few days next week to celebrate my birthday, and also my cousin's birthday (happy birthday gus and jeremy!). i am really looking forward to it even though i'm settling in to my life here. go figure, huh? :)