Wednesday, August 10, 2005

da da da da da da

yesterday i had my first temp job: stuffing envelopes at FX! :) i met some really cool people and though we won't keep in touch one of them was an actress who's been here for a couple of years and gave me some tips on where to go for classes. she also reccomended a couple of books to read. i also had what i thought was going to be a job interview but it was really a cattle call. one of those companies where you have to pay to start and i said "no thank you". i came home compeletely frustrated and worn out, having spent 2 hours listening to these yahoos and i couldn't leave earlier because i was sitting in the front row.

today we're going to knotts berry farm and going on some awesome roller coasters! i don't want to brag, but it's my birthday today. :) so far i've slept in and matt has agreed that we can go to noah's bagels for breakfast. then it's off to the park! tomorrow we take off for seattle which we are looking forward to. rudy is doing very well with my folks and loves to roll in the shower after someone uses it. such a funny cat!

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Lena said...

Happy Birthday Camille! I hope you get yummy cake and at least one present.