Friday, August 19, 2005

i corrupted another one

celena, my friend from high-school (and yes, we just recently got back in touch) and i watched "the gamers" tonight. even though i've seen it a billion times (and dear, i say that with love!) it's always fun to watch it with someone new. i love the out-takes. they are my favorite!

today i worked at the gay cruise line office. it was interesting. stuffing envelopes...again...the office was luckily filled with fabulous people and i go back tomorrow to finish the fabulous job of stuffing more envelpes and dealing with a very stressed out supervisor!

p.s. i had an interview at afi that went well, and i have another one, maybe, next week for audiences unlimited. thanks to angela for reccomending me for the position! i owe you a drink!

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