Tuesday, August 02, 2005

fun with friends

today my friend amanda has a job interview out in woodland hills (about 20 miles outside l.a. east of encino). it seems that this company really wants her and i really hope she gets it so that she can leave texas. last night i went over to a house where kari is housesitting and we had a great time. amanda, kari, and i all reminisced about living together in the wheeler house at plu and kari's dad chris made an amazing bbq dinner. we went swimming and played with the dog, it was so much fun! matt stayed home, of course, to catch up on gamers2 notes to ben and also homework. he is feeling a little overwhelmed these days, understandably so, and still has 20 movies to watch in addition to a few short screenplays to write, all before school starts september 7.

this temp job thing isn't going to work out right away. i doubt i'll get work today (i didn't yesterday), this is going to take some time, and i just have to be patient. it's been sort of nice to do whatever i want (read, watch movies, play games, hang out with friends) but there will come a point where i'll be ready to work. i guess this is just a much needed "extended vacation" because i have been working so hard these past few years. but i'll still be up, every morning at 8 to call the office at 8:30 to let them know whether or not i'm available. i wonder if i also need to call the night before?

mom and dad and katie are vacationing on the olympic penninsula at katie's boyfriend's parents cabin. no tv, no phone (but they get cell phone reception), and mom is completely in love with it. no noise from the city and it's completely surrounded by trees. i'm not sure if katie feels the same way, but i'm sure she's keeping herself entertained. dad is also having a good time. i'm so glad they found some time to get away. matt and i will head up to seattle for a few days next week to celebrate my birthday, and also my cousin's birthday (happy birthday gus and jeremy!). i am really looking forward to it even though i'm settling in to my life here. go figure, huh? :)

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