Saturday, July 30, 2005


we're tired today. we've been running around all week, doing errands, unpacking, meeting friends, shopping shopping shopping, just getting settled, and it's been exhausting! today we are going to stay home, not spend any money, and get the rest of the apartment set up (i.e. organizing the desk, get pictures on the wall, get clothes out of boxes, etc.). no sign of our loveseat, however, and we didn't hear from the guy yesterday, which means that matt will call them on monday and find out what's going on. from us to you, if you ever do a cross-state/cross-country move, never go with lightning van lines. they are awful.

i think tomorrow we're going to pack a picnic dinner and head over to griffith park, maybe do a little hiking and sightseeing. the observatory, unfortunately for us, is closed for 3 years due to major renovations (fortunate for them and us in three years). there's an amazing concert hall called the greek theatre, a golf course, horse back riding, and so much more. it's the second largest city park in the nation (the largest being central park in nyc). i am really excited to explore this little nature land within a giant metropolitan city and see what it has to offer when matt and i need a quick escape from the noise of daily life.

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