Tuesday, July 26, 2005

moving in

the movers are (finally) here, bringing in our boxes and furniture. finally, we'll have somewhere else to sit besides the carpet and our butts falling asleep. :) these guys are amazing - they work well together and are taking really good care of our stuff. the cats have hid themselves in the bathroom in an empty cupboard - it's quite adorable! matt's arranging things and singing along to "brown eyed girl" by van morrison. things are turning out pretty well, i'd say!

last night we saw "the island" which was better than i thought it would be. my only issue was with scarlett johansen's lips which were pouty the whole time. i realize it's her look, but they really played on it and that bothered me. we also went out to a greek restaurant at the grove which was really good. they had live music and we dined outside, making fun of all the weirdly dressed people passing by.

tonight it's on to unpacking and ordering pizza. i know we need to cut costs, but you can't be seriously thinking that we'll unpack and then i'll cook? hah! funny... :)

oh, i had my job interview today at the temp agency and it went really well. i had no idea that i could type 65 words a minute. i start working on monday which is great because august is going to be a tough month since matt's loans don't come through until the end of august...but that's okay. that's why this blog is called "l.a. adventures"...because this whole thing is just one long movie! :)

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