Tuesday, July 05, 2005


so i called the renting office today and it seems we'll be on the the third floor, not on the second floor. we'll still be facing the parking lot and not the street - thank god - but i had to call the lady at the renting office several times today. i think i'll wait until thursday to call her again. :)

i'm not really going back to work before i leave. i'll go one day next week to say good bye and pick up my stuff, have my "last day". i need to spend time with mom, i want to spend time with mom, and it's good. today we fixed lunch and now she's upstairs taking a nap. i cleaned out the fridge, k.m. is taking the dog for a walk, and while mom is with dad, k.m. and i will go see a movie. auntie sharon will be here tomorrow and we are all looking forward to that. she will be a big help around the house and to our spirits!

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