Sunday, October 30, 2005

random pictures

eek! me without makeup!

quinn "in a field of sunflowers". she's so regal, so fluffy, and so demanding of our attention! it's actually quite cute. when we wake up in the morning, first thing she does is hop on the bed and look at us as if to say "i'm here, i'm cute, pet me!" she's a funny little kitty and we love her. she's very playful but as steph said "that cat has serious attitude."

this is pj when he's really happy to see me. he just flops on the floor and rolls while purring up a storm. it's so cute!

pj has a kitten face - big eyes and a big nose and big paws. purrs on cue.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

What the hell?

i did not move to southern california for rain and clouds! i have already experienced the various shades of gray! i'd like to experience the yellow ball in the clear blue sky...people say it's warm when that happens! for pete's sake, i wore a wool skirt today and i was still cold. what does that tell you?

i got into an acting class in santa monica and my first day is november 9. i'm sooooooo excited! it's scene work, but you are filmed during the third week, review it on the 4th week, and then meet an industry professional (director, manager, casting director, etc.) on the last day. considering i have no film experience, this class is going to be really good for me. thanks to celena for reccomending it to me! :)

matt is enjoying his internship, and they actually want more of his time. they want him to come in on friday afternoons as well as all day on mondays, but homework is looming over his head so he has had to tell them not right now. hopefully they will understand. a bonus to this internship is the location. it's just 3 blocks from where i work so we can carpool on mondays and also meet for lunch.

went out for sushi with kari the other day and OHMYGOD it's the best i've had yet. whenever anyone comes to visit, if you like sushi and funky restaurants, this is the place for you. great decorations, you can even sit on the floor, fabulous selection of sushi, sashimi, noodles, and tea. i can't wait to go back!

tomorrow i am going to attempt a belly dancing class at the ymca. will i enjoy it!? i hope so! the last belly dancing class i took was a few years ago and it really works the abs. i'm looking forward to it! :)

Monday, October 24, 2005


*yawn* did not make it to runyon canyon but did wind up taking a 2 hour nap. it's okay. dance class tomorrow night. i will make up for it on another date, maybe kickboxing on wednesday or belly dancing on friday.

matt got the internship! today is his first day...should we go out to dinner to celebrate? yes? no? ooooooo....there's sushi up the street AND it's in walking distance...

how do i get myself into these situations? why can't i just have a plan and stick to it!?

new goals

since i started my new job, i have had to give up a few things, namely cooking and working out. i've been spending more money going out to lunch than i should and the ymca has become a figment of my imagination (unfortunately the membership fee is not). runyon canyon and griffith park trails are distant memories.

first goal for this week: work out 3 times. tomorrow, since i get off early, head to runyon canyon after work. tuesday night is dance class at the ymca. saturday afternoon i will head to griffith park. i want to be a size-smaller-than-i-am-now by christmas.

second goal for the week: i'm not allowed to eat out until saturday night, which is when we're going out to dinner with some friends. and, no junk food eat healthy.

i can do this. i know i can. :) if i can take this day by day, week by week, things should play out alright.

Friday, October 21, 2005

happy anniversary

we went to our favorite restaurant, the tam o'shanter, and pigged out on wine, dessert, and fabulous meals! this weekend i'm going to get my hair trimmed, and getting back on track with my exercise program.

our kitties have been extra cute these past few days and very entertaining. i think they are trying to get us to stay home more often...

matt has an interview for an internship today! :) wish him luck!

Monday, October 17, 2005

3rd celebrity sighting

p.s. saw shannon elizabeth (hot chick from american pie movies) at starbucks this morning. much prettier in person, especially without all the make-up. seemed tired but was smiling at 6:30am. smiled at me. :)

god we're tired

6am calls for crew...what was i thinking?

last day of filming is tomorrow but i don't have to go. i spent my 2 days as a crew member mostly reading my book and chatting with the actors and other afi people. it was fun but also boring...i am looking forward to not leaving the apartment at all tomorrow. if it's nice, i may go sun bathing on the rooftop...

it rained a lot last night and even today. major thunderstorms + heavy rain = fresh air and happy lungs. :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

double oy vay

i worked until 11pm on wednesday night with a 3 hour break...

i worked until 7:30pm last night with a 1.5 hour break (went shopping and found mom-in-law's christmas present)...

i realize that to some, those are not long days...

but to me, they are very long days and it is taking every effort on my part to go back to work this morning.

this weekend i have a four day weekend but i'm volunteering for matt's movie crew (yay!) with a 6am call...luckily i don't have to be there tomorrow so at least i get one day off to rest...

i am going to stay home all day tomorrow and watch movies...maybe go visit kari...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


wow, i'm tired. not just tired, but exhausted. i can't wait for high holy days to be over. tomorrow services start at 8pm which means i'll have another 16 hour day (with a 3 hour break) and then back to work the next morning at 8am and home at 7pm if i'm lucky! then we have a 4 day weekend, thank god, and i got a volunteer job on matt's crew as a production assistant! :) i'll be spending my weekend being bossed around but at least i'll be around my sweetie and gaining some valuable experience.

today i went to my wonderful branch of l.a.'s wonderful public library and picked up a few books on acting. i'm auditing a class next wednesday in santa monica. celena reccomended that i check it out (she's been in the class for nearly a year). nathan also suggested another instructor over in tolouca lake, but she wants me to read a book first so that's what i'm doing. so far, the book speaks to me, talking alot about working with your imagination and developing images to the point that they become realistic when you are acting (i can't explain it much better). i am not sure exactly what the process is behind this technique so i'm looking forward to talking further with the instructor and maybe trying out one of her classes just to make sure.

talked with mom today and she's not feeling so well. she and katie came down with a cold after getting back from mt. rainier, plus she's got a bit of a fever. when we were chatting, dad was cooking halibut cheeks on the grill...sigh...i really miss those guys. then he brought mom a tv tray with dinner and a rose in a pretty vase...i can't wait for their visit next month!

and get well soon, kari! get lots of rest and i will see you when your tummy can handle some laughs! :)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

happy trails

what a great weekend! i got twelve hours of sleep on friday night and stayed home all day saturday watching monty python with matt and celena. today i had to work, but just for a few hours, and spent the rest of the day hanging out at home.

matt and his buddies film their first school related project this next weekend, and hopefully i'll be helping out. nathan said i could be his personal assistant as matt doesn't really need one as the script supervisor... i'm so excited!

Friday, October 07, 2005

happy birthday, mom!

to the greatest and bravest mom that i know. i am so grateful for you. your insight and patience and constant prescence in my life is worth more than you'll ever know. and i'm so glad you are feeling better! :) have a great weekend at mt. rainier! *hugs and kisses*

(other stuff:

for those of you in the seattle/tacoma area, if you are looking for a show to see in the next week, check out the woman in black in olympia. my friend patrick is in it and they just extended the show another weekend! it's getting rave reviews and i'm so excited for him!

i helped celena with her audition tape last night and it went really well. i am even more inspired to start taking acting classes that involve working with a camera as well as an audience. i have a few leads so we'll see how it goes!)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

wham bam thank you mam

at least that's what the past few days have felt like. i went home at 10:30 yesterday morning because i couldn't keep my eyes open. i was so tired i felt ill, like i had a cold. i went home and slept for 3 hours, even slept through matt coming home for his lunch break. i went to bed earlier than usual and so this morning i woke up and my eyes were bright and wide open - i love it when they do that! i feel much better (paige, i hope you are feeling better too!).

congrats to patrick, by the way, for a great run! i hear it sold out every weekend! :)

matt and i had a great time on his birthday. we went to see serenity, bought the entire collection of monty python's flying circus, and had dinner at our favorite restaurant, tam o'shanter. don and cindy, we'll have to take you there. it's scottish themed and serves fantasic food! we plan on taking everyone there who comes to visit. and lucky for us, it's only a few miles from home - we don't have to get on the freeway! here in l.a. that's unheard of. :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

happy birthday, honey!

happy birthday to the best husband ever! i hope all your wishes come true! thank you for inspriring me every day to pursue my own dreams, and moving us here to pursue our life and dreams together. i love you!

Monday, October 03, 2005

and so it begins...

tonight is erev rosh hashanah, or new years eve. i need to be at work in 45 minutes and won't be home until very late tonight since services start at 8. i'm really excited to experience these holidays. even though i can't attend services, to be part of them will be truly amazing. we are expecting about 800-1000 people at the scottish rite auditorioum for each service.

tomorrow is matt's birthday! yay!