Tuesday, October 11, 2005


wow, i'm tired. not just tired, but exhausted. i can't wait for high holy days to be over. tomorrow services start at 8pm which means i'll have another 16 hour day (with a 3 hour break) and then back to work the next morning at 8am and home at 7pm if i'm lucky! then we have a 4 day weekend, thank god, and i got a volunteer job on matt's crew as a production assistant! :) i'll be spending my weekend being bossed around but at least i'll be around my sweetie and gaining some valuable experience.

today i went to my wonderful branch of l.a.'s wonderful public library and picked up a few books on acting. i'm auditing a class next wednesday in santa monica. celena reccomended that i check it out (she's been in the class for nearly a year). nathan also suggested another instructor over in tolouca lake, but she wants me to read a book first so that's what i'm doing. so far, the book speaks to me, talking alot about working with your imagination and developing images to the point that they become realistic when you are acting (i can't explain it much better). i am not sure exactly what the process is behind this technique so i'm looking forward to talking further with the instructor and maybe trying out one of her classes just to make sure.

talked with mom today and she's not feeling so well. she and katie came down with a cold after getting back from mt. rainier, plus she's got a bit of a fever. when we were chatting, dad was cooking halibut cheeks on the grill...sigh...i really miss those guys. then he brought mom a tv tray with dinner and a rose in a pretty vase...i can't wait for their visit next month!

and get well soon, kari! get lots of rest and i will see you when your tummy can handle some laughs! :)

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