Wednesday, October 19, 2011

April 5, 2012


TACOMA -- Longtime creative partners Matt Vancil and Camille Mesmer-Vancil today announced a new jointly-produced project that will arrive on the scene in the spring of 2012.  According to early buzz, it will have broad appeal across all four quadrants and will be especially popular in the couple's 55-70+ parents demographic.
Mesmer-Vancil is slated to produce the project, which has an estimated budget of $300,000 over 18 years.  Vancil was heavily involved in development and is expected to take a more active role in post-production.  The couple will co-direct.
"It's great to finally be producing something together," says Vancil from the home office the two of them will now be sharing.  "Camille [Mesmer-Vancil] and I have meaning to collaborate on one of these for years.  When she conceived of the idea about four months ago, we knew the time was right to make this baby happen."  Mesmer-Vancil was eating bananas and ketchup at the time and was unavailable for comment.  
The couple has remained tight-lipped on whether this will be a standalone feature or the first in a series.  The as yet untitled project is scheduled for release in early April.