Saturday, July 30, 2005


we're tired today. we've been running around all week, doing errands, unpacking, meeting friends, shopping shopping shopping, just getting settled, and it's been exhausting! today we are going to stay home, not spend any money, and get the rest of the apartment set up (i.e. organizing the desk, get pictures on the wall, get clothes out of boxes, etc.). no sign of our loveseat, however, and we didn't hear from the guy yesterday, which means that matt will call them on monday and find out what's going on. from us to you, if you ever do a cross-state/cross-country move, never go with lightning van lines. they are awful.

i think tomorrow we're going to pack a picnic dinner and head over to griffith park, maybe do a little hiking and sightseeing. the observatory, unfortunately for us, is closed for 3 years due to major renovations (fortunate for them and us in three years). there's an amazing concert hall called the greek theatre, a golf course, horse back riding, and so much more. it's the second largest city park in the nation (the largest being central park in nyc). i am really excited to explore this little nature land within a giant metropolitan city and see what it has to offer when matt and i need a quick escape from the noise of daily life.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

missing furniture

we're missing our loveseat! hah! isn't that hilarious? i find it quite amsuing, actually, since i never liked that thing much in the first place. i mean, how do you misplace a loveseat? 4 giant cushions plus the base? come on now! everything else is here, and our new bed will be delievered tomorrow morning.

kitchen is pretty much set up, all the books are put away, and we've even found some radio stations that we actually like. matt is currently taking a nap on the lazy boy chair and i've got to call comcast to set up cable t.v.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

moving in

the movers are (finally) here, bringing in our boxes and furniture. finally, we'll have somewhere else to sit besides the carpet and our butts falling asleep. :) these guys are amazing - they work well together and are taking really good care of our stuff. the cats have hid themselves in the bathroom in an empty cupboard - it's quite adorable! matt's arranging things and singing along to "brown eyed girl" by van morrison. things are turning out pretty well, i'd say!

last night we saw "the island" which was better than i thought it would be. my only issue was with scarlett johansen's lips which were pouty the whole time. i realize it's her look, but they really played on it and that bothered me. we also went out to a greek restaurant at the grove which was really good. they had live music and we dined outside, making fun of all the weirdly dressed people passing by.

tonight it's on to unpacking and ordering pizza. i know we need to cut costs, but you can't be seriously thinking that we'll unpack and then i'll cook? hah! funny... :)

oh, i had my job interview today at the temp agency and it went really well. i had no idea that i could type 65 words a minute. i start working on monday which is great because august is going to be a tough month since matt's loans don't come through until the end of august...but that's okay. that's why this blog is called "l.a. adventures"...because this whole thing is just one long movie! :)

Monday, July 25, 2005


furniture comes tomorrow! yay!

it's the small things that help us adjust... :)

Sunday, July 24, 2005


matt's on a flight tonight to burbank! :) yippee! can't wait to see my sweetie!


i think i've spent at least a quarter of the day cyring feeling completely overwhelmed and alone. no worries, now, though, because kari called and we're going out to dinner tonight. katie left this morning and i miss her so much...our talks and just hanging out...matt is stuck at sea-tac on standby (having trouble getting a flight back to l.a. and may not get home until tomorrow) least i have something to do tonight. i don't know how i'd manage without kari coming over tonight. probably drown my self pity in more tears and some ice cream. :)

this will pass, i know, but i'm just having a weak day today. thanks for bearing with me. to those of you who put up with my weepiness today, i can't thank you enough.

Friday, July 22, 2005

sister time

matt is in washington for his ordination this weekend in olympia which leaves me and katie to do whatever we want! :) tomorrow it's shopping and lunch at the grove and then a few hours at the bookstore so that katie can finish her homework. then it's off to the farmers market and buy stuff for dinner. she flys home on sunday and i will miss her terribly. i am really enjoying her company and we've been getting along better than we ever have before.

another high of 93 today. i think on tuesday it's supposed to go down to 85.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


93 today, plus humidity. ugh. today we went to universal studios and much fun was had by all! we went on all the rides including jurassic park, back to the future, the mummy, waterworld, and some others. we went to city walk and saw charlie and the chocolate factory at the city walk theater. it was a different interpretation of the book and to be honest, i enjoyed the old version better. it was truer to the book, though the newer version had amazing special effects (i mean, c'mon, it's tim burton and danny elfman composed the soundtrack, plus johnny depp...yum...) and the little boy who played charlie stole the show. another good point that we were in an airconditioned movie theater for over 2 hours during the heat of the day...yeah! :)

furniture to come in 4 to 6 days...i can't wait...

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

we're here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ohmigod, we're totally like, here! :) okay, i'll stop using the valley girl references. the apartment is as beautiful as i remembered and the weather isn't too bad. my sister katie is here too and she has been a big help. it's fun having her here! today we go order our mattress, pick up some groceries (now that our fridge is working) and pick up kitty supplies. the trip was a long but fun 3 days. katie read us the latest harry potter installment on the way down (cheap books on tape). needless to say, we'll have to read it again to get the full effect. but we figured out who died, and it's a huge plot twist! that's all i will say...

kitties did well on the trip down aside from quinn's constant howling. she stopped whenever katie would read. pj slept the whole time. where are they now? on top of the fridge, trying to stay cool.

i haven't taken any pictures of our apartment yet. we don't have any furniture so it looks pretty lame. but i have an interview with the temp agency tuesday at 10am and matt still has 26 movies to watch.

i still can't believe we're here...that we live in l.a. it's so surreal!

more to come...just bear with me...

Friday, July 15, 2005

movin' on down

we're staying at the mesmer's tonight in seattle and then tomorrow we have some errands to run (including picking up our copy of the new harry potter book). then it's off to the vancil's in puyallup for our final night and then breakfast at matt's grandparents sunday morning and THEN off to gold beach oregon for our first night duirng our road trip. katie is really excited about the trip and the cats, hopefully, will settle down after a little while.

just so you know, we won't have internet access for a few days. but please feel free to call and check in - we'd love to hear from you!

Monday, July 11, 2005

the countdown begins

when people ask me what matt and i are doing this weekend, i can officially say "moving to los angeles." i can't believe we're going, that we're leaving this beautiful apartment. this has been our first true home, and while we are anxious to move on to new adventures, we are sad to leave this place behind. of course, if i start talking about all the family and friends that we will miss, i will start to subject!

the wedding was beautiful! i seriously thought for a few hours that they would be late for their own wedding, but it went off without a hitch (except for someone's cell phone ringing and the bride's veil falling off when her dad lifted it. matt and i got to walk down the aisle together which was wonderful and i boogied the night away with friends and matt even joined me for a couple of songs. i had the best time! it was like a hinderlie renuinon (for those of you who don't know PLU, hinderlie was the dorm i lived in for three years) - heather, keleigh, brie, david, milton, curt, and there are a few other names i'm not remembering. oh, and bronwyn, my dress looked fabulous. thank you for all your hard work! i got many compliments! :)

matt and i left to stay at the villa which we totally adored. grand staircases and fabulous hosts. four poster bed so high off the ground you had to use a step stool to get in! beautiful bathroom with a separate tub and shower. yummy breakfast and free wine - can't get any better! we can't wait to go back.

last, but certainly not least, mom is doing well. i saw her last night at matt's final improv show (which, of course, was frickin' hilarious). her color is great, her spirits are back, and though the recent news is bleak, she looks wonderful. my dad's older sister sharon is in town for a few more days to help out and that's been good for the whole family. they also have a guest from hungary, marta, who is a fabulous glass artist and cook. we're off to see them today and drop off rudy, our oldest cat who is desperate to be outside. he'll be staying with mom and dad for awhile until we get a bigger place. mom and dad really want him, and i see it as leaving a little part of us behind.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


so i called the renting office today and it seems we'll be on the the third floor, not on the second floor. we'll still be facing the parking lot and not the street - thank god - but i had to call the lady at the renting office several times today. i think i'll wait until thursday to call her again. :)

i'm not really going back to work before i leave. i'll go one day next week to say good bye and pick up my stuff, have my "last day". i need to spend time with mom, i want to spend time with mom, and it's good. today we fixed lunch and now she's upstairs taking a nap. i cleaned out the fridge, k.m. is taking the dog for a walk, and while mom is with dad, k.m. and i will go see a movie. auntie sharon will be here tomorrow and we are all looking forward to that. she will be a big help around the house and to our spirits!

Saturday, July 02, 2005


so, it turns out that camille's mom didn't have pnemonia (or however the hell you spell it). nope, it's worse. the cancer has spread to her lungs. not much more to say today, other than we're all going through the emotions of confused, angry, scared, frustrated, and sad.