Monday, July 11, 2005

the countdown begins

when people ask me what matt and i are doing this weekend, i can officially say "moving to los angeles." i can't believe we're going, that we're leaving this beautiful apartment. this has been our first true home, and while we are anxious to move on to new adventures, we are sad to leave this place behind. of course, if i start talking about all the family and friends that we will miss, i will start to subject!

the wedding was beautiful! i seriously thought for a few hours that they would be late for their own wedding, but it went off without a hitch (except for someone's cell phone ringing and the bride's veil falling off when her dad lifted it. matt and i got to walk down the aisle together which was wonderful and i boogied the night away with friends and matt even joined me for a couple of songs. i had the best time! it was like a hinderlie renuinon (for those of you who don't know PLU, hinderlie was the dorm i lived in for three years) - heather, keleigh, brie, david, milton, curt, and there are a few other names i'm not remembering. oh, and bronwyn, my dress looked fabulous. thank you for all your hard work! i got many compliments! :)

matt and i left to stay at the villa which we totally adored. grand staircases and fabulous hosts. four poster bed so high off the ground you had to use a step stool to get in! beautiful bathroom with a separate tub and shower. yummy breakfast and free wine - can't get any better! we can't wait to go back.

last, but certainly not least, mom is doing well. i saw her last night at matt's final improv show (which, of course, was frickin' hilarious). her color is great, her spirits are back, and though the recent news is bleak, she looks wonderful. my dad's older sister sharon is in town for a few more days to help out and that's been good for the whole family. they also have a guest from hungary, marta, who is a fabulous glass artist and cook. we're off to see them today and drop off rudy, our oldest cat who is desperate to be outside. he'll be staying with mom and dad for awhile until we get a bigger place. mom and dad really want him, and i see it as leaving a little part of us behind.

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Good luck and prosper!-JR