Wednesday, July 20, 2005

we're here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ohmigod, we're totally like, here! :) okay, i'll stop using the valley girl references. the apartment is as beautiful as i remembered and the weather isn't too bad. my sister katie is here too and she has been a big help. it's fun having her here! today we go order our mattress, pick up some groceries (now that our fridge is working) and pick up kitty supplies. the trip was a long but fun 3 days. katie read us the latest harry potter installment on the way down (cheap books on tape). needless to say, we'll have to read it again to get the full effect. but we figured out who died, and it's a huge plot twist! that's all i will say...

kitties did well on the trip down aside from quinn's constant howling. she stopped whenever katie would read. pj slept the whole time. where are they now? on top of the fridge, trying to stay cool.

i haven't taken any pictures of our apartment yet. we don't have any furniture so it looks pretty lame. but i have an interview with the temp agency tuesday at 10am and matt still has 26 movies to watch.

i still can't believe we're here...that we live in l.a. it's so surreal!

more to come...just bear with me...

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the trip went well and that you are in your apartment. LTB