Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day to Day

It's amazing how one day I can be in a great mood and the next I feel like crap.  Even hour to hour that can happen.  Today is one of those days where I want my old life back.  Really, though I want to get my family on some sort of schedule so that I can know what to expect every day.  But our family doesn't work that way, with Matt's crazy schedule of writing and meetings, and now GenCon.  I never seem to have time to work, and my son is not a napper, nor is he the kind of kid (at least right now) who can play by himself as he gets lonely and bored rather quickly.  I'm just having a frustrating day.  I suppose I'm still dealing with the fact that I am officially in my mid-30's now, and even after having a great birthday weekend, reality is sometimes just a bitch to deal with.