Thursday, July 21, 2005


93 today, plus humidity. ugh. today we went to universal studios and much fun was had by all! we went on all the rides including jurassic park, back to the future, the mummy, waterworld, and some others. we went to city walk and saw charlie and the chocolate factory at the city walk theater. it was a different interpretation of the book and to be honest, i enjoyed the old version better. it was truer to the book, though the newer version had amazing special effects (i mean, c'mon, it's tim burton and danny elfman composed the soundtrack, plus johnny depp...yum...) and the little boy who played charlie stole the show. another good point that we were in an airconditioned movie theater for over 2 hours during the heat of the day...yeah! :)

furniture to come in 4 to 6 days...i can't wait...

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