Friday, October 07, 2005

happy birthday, mom!

to the greatest and bravest mom that i know. i am so grateful for you. your insight and patience and constant prescence in my life is worth more than you'll ever know. and i'm so glad you are feeling better! :) have a great weekend at mt. rainier! *hugs and kisses*

(other stuff:

for those of you in the seattle/tacoma area, if you are looking for a show to see in the next week, check out the woman in black in olympia. my friend patrick is in it and they just extended the show another weekend! it's getting rave reviews and i'm so excited for him!

i helped celena with her audition tape last night and it went really well. i am even more inspired to start taking acting classes that involve working with a camera as well as an audience. i have a few leads so we'll see how it goes!)

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