Thursday, October 06, 2005

wham bam thank you mam

at least that's what the past few days have felt like. i went home at 10:30 yesterday morning because i couldn't keep my eyes open. i was so tired i felt ill, like i had a cold. i went home and slept for 3 hours, even slept through matt coming home for his lunch break. i went to bed earlier than usual and so this morning i woke up and my eyes were bright and wide open - i love it when they do that! i feel much better (paige, i hope you are feeling better too!).

congrats to patrick, by the way, for a great run! i hear it sold out every weekend! :)

matt and i had a great time on his birthday. we went to see serenity, bought the entire collection of monty python's flying circus, and had dinner at our favorite restaurant, tam o'shanter. don and cindy, we'll have to take you there. it's scottish themed and serves fantasic food! we plan on taking everyone there who comes to visit. and lucky for us, it's only a few miles from home - we don't have to get on the freeway! here in l.a. that's unheard of. :)

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