Monday, August 08, 2005

the job hunt

this temp thing isn't really working for me. this morning i called to let them know that i'm available and the receptionist said "hang on, let me get something to write with since there's a bunch of you calling." i thought to myself, "okay camille, this is NOT good. well, good for those getting work but not for you. probably best to start applying for jobs on your own." so, that's what i've been doing. since friday. i've found several more that i'm qualified for so hopefully i can apply for 2 or 3 a day. my goal is to be employed by the end of the month. minimum goal is to have had several interviews. :)

beautiful, sunny morning here in los angeles. tank top and jeans. i am definitely getting used to this. matt and i take off thursday for seattle. i think we might actually be cold when we get up there, but according to friends and family, it's been quite hot. i'll bet anything that it will rain the whole time we're up there. my one request? to go to our favorite indian restaurant, the india bistro on market street in ballard. yum!

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