Wednesday, August 17, 2005

job hunting

it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. there's all sorts of opportunities out there, some that have nothing to do with my background but are asking for skills that i know i have and i just have to figure out how to make myself sound smart enough. :) i hate cover letters. have i mentioned that before? i despise them. luckily i had an interview at afi (where matt is going) yesterday and it went well, except they have a few concerns. one is, of course, that matt will be going there and that might be a conflict. also, i have limited movie production experience (the job is in the production department). the gal was really nice, though, and said that if i get called back for the next round of interviews to talk to matt and some other movie making friends about move production so that i'll know what i'm talking about when they ask me questions. :) that was really nice of her, and i hope i get the chance to show them my stuff!

i've also sent out my resume for a couple of independent short films and for a short play going on in november. there's also an audition for the california shakespeare company on monday that i'll start prepping for tomorrow - they want a shakespearean monologue. i'm terribly nervous - i haven't been to an audition since april. but, there's no time like the present so i'd just better get crackin' on the verse. :)

matt is out tonight meeting with some of his fellow fellows (afi students are not students, they are fellows) at the silver lake red lion inn. i hope the meeting is going well. our neighbor, wendy (who graciously took care of our kitties while we were up in seattle) met another afi fellow in the building and was planning on going tonight. matt seemed excited, so i hope it goes well for him.

speaking of kitties, they are adjusting wonderfully. although, while we were gone, they were obviously traumatized. apparently they missed the litter box a few times (only #2) and threw up on the carpet. i think it will be awhile before we are gone for 4 days at a time!

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