Friday, August 12, 2005

gray? what gray?

today was our first full day back at my folks house in seattle. we woke up to a gray morning but by noon the clouds had disappeared and it was sunny and mildly warm with a gentle cool breeze. mom and i had our doctors appointments and then went out to lunch at marlene's market in federal way. i took a nap while matt went to downtown with katie and her friend flora. then we had indian food for dinner and played a very fun card game called apples to apples (i'm totally addicted). tomorrow i have a facial and a massage, followed by a walk down to the ballard locks. tomorrow night mom and i will make my favorite dish of hers, cabbage rolls. yum! then sunday we're off to matt's folks house. they just got back from europe today and poor nancy came down with bronchitis. luckily the choir tour was a huge success and while they are exhausted, they seem really happy about the outcome.

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