Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Does the $*#! ever stop?

I have unfortunate news.

My Grandpa Richard, my dad's father, his cancer has returned. We don't know much more than that - we just found out last week. He's going to remain in Spokane to get treatment and Aunt Sharon and Uncle Terry will be his main caregivers, though he may trek over to Seattle for a second opinion and/or special tests. I called him last week and he seemed to be in good spirits, though I'm sure he's worried.

The other blow is that Mom's tumor markers have jumped from 55 to 126. This is quite a shock since Mom has been feeling so good these past few months. She's in Oregon this week as my sister has some sort of viral infection and Dad doesn't want Mom to get sick. Mom is visiting Aunt Muriel and Uncle John, and today they are taking her to the beach.

I'm just so frustrated and depressed right now. How come this keeps happening? When will enough be enough? We don't need these bad things to keep happening. We need some happy things. I know that there's a possibility that everything will work out, but I have to say that right now, I have very little faith in whoever is in charge. I'm actually very furious at whoever is in charge. Can I sound 2 for a moment? THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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