Wednesday, February 01, 2006

not much to write home about

i've been trying to think of stuff that's been happening that's worth mentioning...

1. feeling much better. i have my make-up acting class tonight and we are filming the scene in which i play an abused woman. my scene partner is wonderful and very talented. should go well!

2. picked up my new, professional looking headshots. will scan and put up later.

3. printer has failed to work for weeks now. finally called dell and because it's under warranty they have sent a new one at no cost.

4. mom is doing great! feeling good, hooray for being off chemo! she'll have another blood test this month to determine her tumor marker.

5. matt is doing well in school. it's going to be a tough sememster with 2 cycle projects and trying to find a summer internship (hopefully finding one that pays, but that's unlikely). he's hoping to get something with joss whedon or the show "veronica mars".

we are also trying to fiscally prepare for the summer as we will have no loan money coming in again until september. suck balls. :( i hate being a grown-up sometimes!

6. work is going well, again. seems to change every week! rabbi asked me to go to a meeting on her behalf today which is a good sign.

7. it's sunny and warm outside. i'd rather be at the beach.

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