Saturday, May 20, 2006

Parties - #1

Last night Matt and I went to the AFI wrap party. Lots of alchohol, karaoke, and interesting people. I chatted for sometime with Mary, who is wife of Ben, and she and I have decided to seriously start a spousal/signifcant other support group for those who are involved with AFI fellows. We are going downtown on Tuesday to do some shopping, and will discuss said group over a beer. :) Mary is fun and lively and I am glad to have her as a friend. This summer we'll be doing some hiking in the "mountains" around here.

Also talked to Hunter, an editing student who worked on one of Matt's projects. Talked to Amin, Jenn, Steve, Curt, and some other people. These people really know how to party! All in all had a great time and would do it again. And here's a new thought: I was the sober one by the time it was ready to go home. Matt deserved a night with his buddies and some beer. He deserves to let loose!

Tonight is another party with people I know better than just "what's your name again?" Celena moved into a house so we'll be heading over there around 9. Live band. Kegger. Mixed drinks. Lots and lots of people!

Today we find out if Matt and Nathan's rewritten thesis script get green-lit (approved) to go forward. Think happy thoughts!

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Jenny said...

Good luck babe. Hope to get to see you when you come home for a few weeks. It's be gee-or-gious with sunshine! Miss you.