Sunday, May 21, 2006

Parties - #2

Last night. Oy.

We got to the party abou 8:30 but things didn't start hopping until about 10. The band was great - totally dressed the part. The lead guitarist was dressed more like a pirate than an 80's rocker! Lots of people, lots of flowing alchohol, and I smelled some green stuff. Apparently there was also puking, but I was lucky enough to only hear about it in passing.

The best part of the night was when we were getting ready to go. We were out in the yard and noticed that everyone was moving into the house to get ready to leave as well. We were wrong. There was a revival going on, and when I say revival, the entire living room was pretty much wall-to-wall dancing! I think we stayed another hour. It was wonderfully wild. Reminded me of college.

But I'm not in college anymore and I'm feeling it today. Lots of water and a nap will be involved in today's activites. :)

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