Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Urban hike

Today I spent with Mary, wife of Ben who is another screenwriting fellow at AFI. We had the best time! She is going to Dallas next week to celebrate her nieces quincenera (which is the equivalent of sweet 16) and had to buy a cake topper, a crown, and a few decorations. All of this, of course, needed to be able to fit in her carry-on luggage. What do you know, we found it all in once place! She speaks Spanish, so that was a huge help, especially considering we were in the Latino part of downtown L.A. (3rd and Broadway, in case you are curious). We had lunch, walked all over, and then since we had taken the subway to downtown, we took the bus back to her place, saw her Korea-town apartment, then she drove me back to my place and we chatted for another 1/2 hour or so before she left.

She is an absolute blast. And so sweet, so fun! It is wonderful to have a girlfriend who completely understands what it's like to have a husband in graduate school, in the same program (thank god), and we not only have a lot in common, our husbands have similar interests too. Mary and I will be hanging out again on Sunday when we head to Venice Beach. She and Ben are moving there in July to an apartment one block from the beach. Screw the pools. We'll be visiting them a lot this summer! :)

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