Friday, May 26, 2006

Dinner Party!

Tomorrow night. Kimby, Ben, Mary, Elizabeth, and of course, Matt and I will be attending. On the menu:

Appetizer - goat cheese and melba toasts, and whatever Elizabeth decides to bring
Main course - vegetarian cabbage rolls and whatever salad Mary brings
Dessert - rice pudding and sparkling raspberry wine

I am SO excited to do this. I haven't hosted a dinner party in so long, and Matt is looking forward to it too, as Ben and Kimby to go AFI so they'll have all kinds of stuff to talk about. Mary is Ben's wife, and Elizabeth is a very talented actress. I love bringing people together with food and wine. Speaking of wine, Kimby and Mary are both bringing a bottle of wine. Each. The wine will be flowing quite freely. Did I happen to show you our current collection? It's still not full enough. There's empty slots!

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