Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Homecoming and perfect jeans

I am coming home for 2 weeks next month! :) I'm so so excited for fresh air and warm weather. It's so hot here and muggy, and it's only May. Ugh. I will be staying primarily with my folks in Seattle doing some work for my dad and helping take care of mom and spending time with Katie. I will also get the chance to spend some time with my awesome in-laws (and when I say awesome, that only begins to describe how wonderful they are!). I also get to celebrate Paige's birthday and see her on stage! I also get to see many friends in a wonderful play! Many of these friends are also in Matt's latest film that will be premiering at GenCon this summer.

Also, some exciting news. There may be a small chance that I will have some permanent work here in L.A. next month after my Seattle trip. One of the receptionists at the post-production facitility may be leaving and I may take her shift since the other receptionist really likes me (it's a two person job). I'm hopeful something will come of it as I am getting rather bored being at home all the time. I could go out, but then I'd spend money and we can't afford that. :( Oh well.

But speaking of spending money, we finally went to Macy's yesterday to spend our lovely Christmas gift certificates! Matt got some new shirts and a new wallet. I splurged on faboo jeans. And when I mean faboo, I mean fabulousness. They are stretch jeans, but because they stretch a full size, you have to get a size lower. So when the saleslady told me this, I kind of panicked. I mean, I have just gotten to the point where I have been able to fit into a 10 wihout the lovehandle phenomenon happening, and then she tells me I have to try on an 8? I laughed, but she said "trust me".

Oh. My. God.

These are the most perfect jeans ever.

I can't remember the last time I bought and could wear, comfortably, jeans in a single digit. It's to the point where I'm ready to buy another pair before they replace it with something that won't fit me.

DKNY is my friend.

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