Monday, October 16, 2006

Poor little kitty

I had to take Quinn to the vet today. She's been having some bowel issues, and the news wasn't exactly good. She has an serious infection in some of her rear-end glands, and a skin infection in that area. So today Quinny did not hav e a good day. She even got her butt hair shaved so it would be easier for us to see what's going on. Also, she has gingivitis, and the vet reccomended I start brushing her teeth every day, and also schedule an appointment to get her teeth cleaned (which, for cats, they have to be put under because it's painful - they go under the gum line). So $100 later, I finally was able to bring her home. We have medicine to give her for the next week, and I'm to take her back to the vet on Wednesday for a check up. Right now she doesn't trust me but I think she'll be okay.

Poor little thing. It's the worst thing when your pets are sick.

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Mandy said...

Aren't cat butts fun? One of our cats has constipation problems and gets medication (stool softener) and canned pumpkin (extra fiber) 3x/day! No meds=no poop. One of the others has tooth problems, but not too bad.

I still say pets are cheaper than kids (at least there's no college to pay for!)!!