Friday, October 13, 2006


Today I worked out, and felt much better. I did tae-bo, with lots of punching and kicking. I pretended to kick Billy Blanks right in the face and somehow that helped. I also got some work done, but after 2 hours of staring at spreadsheets I've given myself a little break to get my eyes looking straight again.

Matt has been wonderful, as usual. Everytime I have one of my sudden crying fests, he's right there by my side, counseling me and making me laugh. I totally didn't feel like cooking last night so he went off his diet for me and we ordered yummy, greasy chinese food. Damn, it was good and exactly what I needed. Today we're going to The Grove to see the premiere (but at matniee pricing so we can save a few bucks) of Man of the Year with Robin Williams. I need to get out of my head and laugh at a comedian.

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Jenny said...

Good choice of movie, that's my girl.

I wouldn't have noticed for AGES. How dorky does that make me, to feel so validated by a link on somebody's blog.

Who cares. I'm a dork. :)But a popular one! So there