Friday, October 27, 2006


So here we are in St. Etienne (sp) and it's a beautiful warm fall day. Soon we'll take off and explore the town, maybe find a cute french cafe and have lunch. Yesterday we arrived and went straight to the St. Just glass factory which was really interesting. It was a very long day, though, and when I arrived to my room I took out my contacts, changed into my pj's, and climbed into bed. A huge bed, at that, and slept until 8:15! It's really a clue to me that I'm getting older when I consider that 8:15 is "sleeping in".

Last night we went to Magali's house and had champagne, a bunch of french cheeses, salad from the garden, and lasagnae with mushrooms she had picked over the weekend. Lovely! We also met her husband, George, who is a very "french" man, but is charming and interesting and he and Magali get along so very well. They were fun to watch in the kitchen as they made dinner.

Tonight it's an early night because we have to be up at 4:30 in the morning. Our flight to Barcelona isn't until 8:30, but we are an hour from the Lyon airport. One of the girls at the factory, Celcilia, her father owns a cab company, so he has given us a discounted taxi rate to the airport and will take us himself. Should be interesting. He speaks spanish and french, and we speak only English...

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