Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I have clothes!

Baggage has been recovered! Came in about 1am, and was delievered to my door. I love this hotel. It's family owned, and you see the same people in the evening and in the morning...it's just wonderful. Charming courtyard that I can enjoy from the deck attached to my room. Everyone rides their bikes here or rides the tram or bus. It's a very environmental city. I love it here. I just wish the German language was a bit easier to understand.

Oh, and Lena, I met someone from Finland. He told me about all the snow in Scandanavia. Dang, girl! :)

Tomorrow is a long day at the conference complete with a dinner party at a hotel. Then we are up very early Thursday morning to make a 7:30am flight to Lyon.

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Lena said...

Yes, Sweden already has snow. My children may not want to leave.

And what are you talking about, German is so easy to understand, I figured it out just fine (12 years ago... :) Try Gaelic or heavy Scottish accents instead....

I'm glad the clothes came, vacations go so much better if your bag is along.