Saturday, October 28, 2006


Oh my god, this place is stunning. I can't get over how different the parts of the city are. You have the new part, which was built when the city hosted the Olympics in '92, with wide streets and square blocks. Then the old part which has little streets that wind and turn before you can see where you are going! We are staying at a lovely hotel called AB Vildomat in the new part of the city, but we're going to walk or take the Metro to La Rambla, which is mainly a pedestrian area full of shops, restaurants, and street performers (much like the 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica).

This afternoon Rafael and Francisco drove us around Barcelona and we had a wonderful lunch at the port near the Olympic Village. I ate paella for the first time and it was divine. Then we drove by Gaudi La Familia cathedral, and there are no words to describe this massive place. I took some great pictures from the street and we get to go tour it tomorrow, along with other Gaudi architecture.

I am in love with this city so far. Very cosmopolitan, yet it feels like a small city.

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