Thursday, September 28, 2006

Big indulgences

The other day I had a bad day. Full of mood swings, anger, bitterness, crying, yelling, and general pissiness. I was out with Kari C., and bless her heart she was so patient with me. We were at the University Village Radio Shack and I came across portable DVD players. I still had birthday money on me and found a model that suited my needs. So I called Matt, and after a long discussion that involved not so much the DVD player, but a host of other things, we decided I could get it. And so I did. Isn't it pretty? :) I can catch up on Rescue Me on the train, along with some other movies I have been meaning to watch. It also plays CD's and has 2 headphone outlets so more than one person can watch. And, if our DVD player ever shuts down, this will be a quick replacement until we get a newer one. The best part? We can write it off.

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Anonymous said...

Ooohh La La Portable DVD Player! Don and I rented one of those when we went on our honeymoon in Scotland. They are quite nice for when you have long traveling ahead of you. That will be fun for your train ride home. You'll have to be sure to pick up lots of movies with our smouldering Joaquin Pheonix to keep you entertained for your ride home! Sounds like birthday money well spent. Cheers! Cindy