Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thank you...

...to my husband, who is the greatest man in this world, for putting up with me during 1am crying fests, making me laugh, supporting my family while being there for his, for taking care of me in all ways possible;

...to Kari C. who recently lost her father, for all the midnight talks, and movies, and all her support and kindness and friendship;

...to Jenny, who knows the pain of losing a parent and for all her posts and calls reminding me that I will eventually adjust to life without a parent, for all her love and kindness;

...to Paige, who perhaps wrote the most beautiful post I have ever seen, for listening to me gripe about anything and nothing, for the hugs and getting me out of the house;

...to Lena, who sends me emails to let me know she's thinking of me and my family, to comfort and support me, who is a friend I wish I could see more than once a year;

...to Nancy and Greg, my in laws, who support my entire family with food, overnights, and perhaps the most beautiful music I have ever heard at a funeral, for laughs and conversation, and the neverending game of scrabble;

...to Brianna, who threw me the most wonderful party and is about to give life, for all your love and energy and support even after moving and being pregnant;

...to my sister, who I have finally recognized as a human being, whom I love and care for, who is spunky, silly, and wants to change the world;

...to my Dad, who I admire more than I can say, and who I worry about the most;

...to everyone who showed up at the surprise party a few weeks ago, you will never know how much that helped me, to see you there and feel your love and support;

...to Molly, who keeps reminding me to smile;

...to Cindy, who has her own troubles, and yet is determined to get me out of the house this month;

...to Dawn, the master of massage therapists, for all the massages, talks, and cry fests;

...to Keith, for the wonderful dinners, conversations, and chocolates :) ;

...to my Aunts - Gwen, Diane, Muriel, and Sharon - you are my new mothers and I love you all in equal ways, I am so glad to know you better;

...to my Uncles - Gregg, Terry, Dan, and John - thank you for all you do to support your wives and my Dad;

...and to Ben and Mary, who are the best kitty sitters anyone could ever ask for.

I know I've forgotten some, but I just had to post something. To all of you, thank you for all you have done. I wouldn't make it through this without you, and neither would my family.

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