Friday, May 11, 2007


...of Mother's Day. I'm just in denial that it's on Sunday and going to a museum. I was a dutiful daughter (and in-law) and ordered flowers.

...of Matt with his impending graduation and overwhelming thesis.

...of Jenny and her pregnancy, for her to get a few nights of sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.

...of all my interviews and hoping that I get the job here.

...of a man that I have never met, only know through his blog (I wish you peace and strength).

...of Lena and her beautiful garden.

...of (California) Kari and her newly engaged self.

...of Stephanie Paige and Patrick, and their impending move to New York City.

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Jenny said...

The year of firsts....and however you chose to deal with it was the right thing for you. But it's tough, no doubt about it. Let your man love on you as you get through it. :) Thought of you and missed you Saturday. Thanks for all your good thoughts. Very sweet of you to take so much trouble. Miss you! Hang in there babe