Sunday, May 20, 2007

Minor grievences

1. I can't stand Time Warner Cable. We always have to power cycle our cable box and internet at least once a day. What am I really paying these people for? Can't they use my money to make sure our electronic connections work without constant interuptions?

2. Driving in L.A. can make anyone crazy. Drift over into another lane without your turn signal on, and there's no problem - it's accepted. But put your turn signal on, and everyone just speeds up to pass you. What's that about?

3. Being so tired. I know it's due to a lack of exercise. But everything I want to do in this town costs money. Yoga raised their prices, I don't have the time for bootcamp with my weird schedule, so I guess it's Yoga or Pilates at home. If I could just get my butt moving...

4. Summer is on it's way along with forest fires. What wonder this will do for my allergies!

5. Job rejections over email. That is just taking the easy way out! What wusses.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Camille, I will do pilates dvd's with you! I have windsor pilates and an MTV one that I really like.