Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chin up

I have another interview on Thursday so here's hoping something works out.

It's interesting working reception at a company like FX. Some people treat you wonderfully and say hello and look at you. Others don't give you the time of day and seem to walk on airs. The "important" people, I don't mind. But the assistants? Come on, man. There is a guy who walks around here, literally, with his nose in the air. I understand that he's in his own head and trying to cover his butt. But really, come on. Get your head out of your ass and treat the gal who's the first face your clients see with some respect. Can you tell there's no way in hell I'd ever want to work this job? I can see why they have a high turn over rate.

I have, however, been getting quite a few compliments on my work here, which is calling people when packages and visitors arrive. I met the receptionist here a few weeks ago when I temped for a mass mailing project. I asked her for some more envelopes and she turned around, bent over, and HELLO!!! Thong! Yuck. Ew. So inappropriate (in my opinion). One woman here even remarked how I obviously like to stay "covered." Heck yeah. My underwear is my own business. No one else's!

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