Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Send water!

Griffith Park is on fire. It's getting close to homes and the main street, Los Feliz Boulevard. We went up to the rooftop to see the flames, and there's a huge plume of smoke rising just above the AFI campus. We can hear helicopters from our apartment heading over. This is all over the news and the panning shots show the entire park on fire. There hasn't been rain in months and the fire is picking up on all the dry brush and moving very quickly. I don't think we'll have to evacuate, but check here for updates. News just reported that it's out of control and there's several hot spots all over the park. The temperature right now is 83, and we're expected to have weather in the 90's tomorrow. Cold weather is expected by Thursday, which will be too late. There is a zoo in this park, along with horse trail rides and many forms of wildlife live here too. Mostly birds and coyotes. I hope they make it out ok.

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