Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I have 2 job interviews tomorrow afternoon. It's awkward being a temp and calling your agency with this information. The (wonderful) lady I work with at the agency, Melissa, was at lunch so I left a message with the receptionist detailing my situation. I explained that I had 2 interviews and wanted to be honest, that they are in the afternoon and seemed like Thursday was the only day I could come in to interview. I don't know what Melissa will say. I was planning the whole time to "call in sick", but figured honesty would be the best policy. She and the agency have been so good to me and so understanding and flexible. I feel terrible about possibly ending the assignment early, but then again, isn't this what being a temp is all about? Being flexible and working with schedules? Gah, I wish my conscience wasn't so sensitive and I could just let things slide. I hate to worry. It's a waste of time. I just wish I could practice that policy.

In other news, the fire was smoldering this morning. No homes have been damaged, but over 600 acres burned.

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