Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sorry Lena!

Eeps! How could I forget? I drove to LAX to see Lena off back to Seattle. She and her family spent the last few days at Disneyland and it was so great to see her. The last time I got to see her was this time last year at Mattias' 4th birthday party. It was very special to see a friend from home, and Lena is also a link to PLU and my college girlfriends that I rarely get to see anymore.

As proof that we actually did manage to find each other at LAX, there is a great picture of us on her blog, which I will post later.

My bad, Lena! Sorry I forgot to mention it in the last post. It was early in the morning when I was writing and I wasn't thinking clearly. I'm a goob! :)

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Lena said...

You are forgiven! :)