Thursday, September 06, 2007

Labor Day Weekend and update on kitten

Labor Day Weekend couldn've lasted a few more days, right? I don't know anyone that wanted to go back to work, especially Mary and I. Friday night Matt and I stayed in, had dinner at home and just relaxed. On Saturday we lazed around and then Chandra and Nathan came over for a visit. They have an adorable Pug named Capone who stayed home, but Chandra loves cats so she came over to play with them and get her kitty fix (Nathan is allergic to cats so they have to stick with dogs). The afternoon extended into the evening and we ordered in sushi from Niko Niko which was amazing. Best sushi I've had in a long time! Very filling and the rolls were the right size.

They headed home into the hot humid night (it was 100+ all weekend). We went to bed shortly after they left and woke up Sunday at 11am to get ready for the day at the beach! Ben and Mary left their parking spot open for us as it was very crowded and very busy. We headed to lunch at Mao's down the street which was fun. It's totally Venice Beach - open space, casual menu's and veggie options for everything. I loved it. Then we headed back to their apartment and changed into our swimsuits for some beach and wave time! It was terribly hot that day so Mary and I immediately headed into that blissfully cool ocean water, and it totally worked. My body cooled off instantly and we had fun getting beaten up by those giant ocean waves. We came back to the sand and watched the bags while Ben and Matt left to get water, buy Matt a hat, and get some shade. They came back just as we dried off and so we girls headed back into the water, this time it was more of a shock to the system! My teeth started chattering but I didn't care - I was finally cool! Mary and I had a grand time chatting and catching up on all kinds of topics, and I hope hope hope we can get together again very soon as I've missed her very much! Matt and got home late but I felt very relaxed and ready to sleep.

Monday we had the a/c on at 80 degrees which was cool compared to the 108 degree furnace on the outside. All in all, it was nice to be cooled off, see friends and spend some time with good friends. We spent a litttle too much money dining out, but I didn't mind somehow. It all added to the experience of having a good weekend.

Kitten is doing well. Thank you for all the name suggestions! We chose "Ali" as it seems to fit her best (Thanks Lena!). She's definitely Matt's cat, he's crazy about her. Quinn is getting a little better (less hissing) and PJ is exhausted after being chased all day. We still put her in the office when she's causing trouble and annoying the other cats. She's entertaining, though, and brings new energy to our lives and our new home.


Lena said...

Alright for Ali! I wish I could meet her in person, maybe during the next trip down here.

Kristy said...

Hi Camille, thanks for posting on my blog!

Cindy and Don have been searching for a good Sushi place....too bad we didn't know about Niko Niko before my visit!! Something to look forward to, now, for my next visit! Hopefully when I visit in
December you guys won't be having a freak Cold Emergency!!!

Mary said...

The ocean did feel wonderful. I had wonderful time lazing on beach and talking w/you too!