Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Audits are no fun

We got audidted yesterday, at work. I spent an 11 hour day on Friday working on getting our files in order, making sure all our working candidates had complete files.

It was a disaster. Files mis-filed, very few OC's (office coordinators) before me knew how to alphabetize or fill out forms correctly. But I knew that we had until Wednesday to get everything done. Or so I thought.

I came Monday with the goal of getting many things done for the audit. We even brought a temp so I didn't have to answer the phones (which wasa huge help). I spent the day going through more files and more paperwork, figuring out what was missing, and I have to tell you it was quite boring but I was proud of my accomplisments in figuring out exactly where our branch is at. And it wasn't good. I showed it to the division manager and she nearly had a heart attack. I called the auditor to find out exactly when she would be here Wednesday morning, and then the words came...

"I'll be there tomorrow at 9am."

(pause) "Ruby, please tell me you're joking. I will faint if you're going to be here tomorrow, we're so not ready!"

"Oh, you guys will be fine."

In panic I ran to the Manager's office only to find him in the meeting with the entire branch. I said "She'll be here tomorrow" to which he responded "Well then. We're screwed."

In short we passed the audit by the skin of our teeth. Next year I plan on getting a much better score. I know that I can only control what comes through my hands, and they've had a lot of turnover in this position. So it's my job, for however long I am here, to make sure things are in least on my end.


Lena said...

Oh, this sounds like soooo much fun. Not.

I hope you gave yourself a treat for surviving this kind of day at work.

Cindy said...

Wow! Stressful! Glad you passed! And glad you don't have to do it again for another year!