Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother's Day

I understand for the majority of people, this can be a happy holiday. Celebrating moms is a wonderful idea and concept. I don't want "rain on people's parade" so to speak, but I have the feeling that each year, this is going to be a difficult time for me because I'm constantly bombarded with commercials, email blasts, and even the drug stores scream "BUY MOM SOMETHING!!! DON'T FORGET HER!!!" I just find it really annoying that at times when I'm at peace, suddenly my personal space has been invaded and I can't help but flash back to what I'm missing. Granted, I have a wonderful support network: best husband ever, friends, and family. But nothing can ever replace her, and I don't appreciate being reminded when I don't want to talk about it.


Jenny said...

Sucks, feel the same way about FD. I keep trying to think of some ritual to celebrate it. Of course, now I have my husband-Daddy to celebrate.

With that logic, having a baby would make you feel better. Good luck with that...


smoochies to you, love you.

tacomachickadee said...

Jenny's funny.

*smooches* too

EvesApples said...

Hi Camille:
I completely know how you feel! I try to get excited, pump myself up about Mother's Day every year, but the truth is I just get plain old sad. I miss my mom. Over the years, I've focus on doing something that she and I used to, and that brings a lot of joy and memories (that I'd forgotten). When I get really down in the dumps on Mother's Day, I try to remind myself that she's still with me even if she isn't in physical form like she used to be. Try to be easy on yourself, do things that make you feel good and surround yourself with people that are kind and loving. Let me know if you ever want to talk. I've so been there...every year! ;)