Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aunt Constance!

She is turning the big 95 today!

Aunt Constance is forever labeled in our family as "The Pink Lady". Every year, at any event, she'd be dressed in a pink suit, or a lavender suit (with a pink scarf, or have a pink purse)...even at our annual apple cider pressings she'd be there in all her glory - makeup, scarf, pants suit, heels - washing apples with those attractive bright yellow dish gloves on. They almost seemed to appropriately accesorize her outfit.

She is my Mom's aunt, sister to my Grandpa Wesley (who died when I was in high school). I don't know her well, but every time we talk she's so honest and chatty. I adore her.

Unfortunately this year, she'll be spending her birthday in a skilled nursing facility recovering from a fall and knee surgery. She's due to be out of the hospital next month, so here's hoping she'll be able to celebrate in style, pink ribbons and all! :)

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dahli said...

This is a nice tribute! Lucky for you to have such an interesting woman in your family (& lucky for her that your in her family too)...Happy Birthday, Constance!