Sunday, April 13, 2008


High of 95 today, and probably at least 90 yesterday. Yesterday Don, Cindy, and I joined Jeremy and Katie at the Ren Faire. It was great to see one for the first time, and had fun watching the participants and all the parades. I think I would have enjoyed myself more had I not been wearing a black skirt and the fact it was frickin hot. Definitely need to plan a day at the faire when it's not 90 degrees.

Today, my allergies have kicked in. I took some loratadine and am feeling a little woozy. I've been a sneezing fool for the past few hours. Needless to say, my husband thinks I look quite sexy now with my red nose and puffy eyes.

I feel like yuck.

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dahli said...

yes allergies are oh so sexy. we know this quite well at our house when pollen counts are high. are sexiest times are late July and all of August.