Sunday, April 06, 2008

Some of my favorite shots from Catalina

Approach to Avalon!

My sister, the rock star.
(The yellow building in the back is our hotel.)

The view from our hotel room.
OMG! Dinner AND beer? It's too much!
(stay tuned for pics from dinner - it deserves recognition)
View from the pier.
Local homes.
Dad with a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mom had designed a window just like it, and it's now in a church in West Seattle. This was a beautiful moment for our family.
The Catholic Church in Avalon. Beautiful!


Family Time said...

So very pretty. It looks as if you had just a fabulous time from just looking at the view! Very nice.

love ya

dahli said...

looks like a lovely time! And, your sister totally stands just like you do. Funny how some things are so very innate.

Cindy said...

So beautiful! I have to go there sometime. I think Don and I would love it. I love the picture of Matt with the beers.

ZestyJenny said...


Brie said...

It looks like the 4 of you had so much fun! Can't wait to see more.