Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hollywood Party, 90210 style

(we talked for about 20 minutes, he's really nice)

I also saw Anthony Rapp from Rent which was exciting. Thursday night I went to a full on Hollywood Hills party, complete with a red carpet, security at the door, and the girls who stopped as at the door to see if we had the our names on the list. There were floating candles in the pool, free alchohol, poker tables galore, loud music, and rooms full of merchandise (i.e. the purse room, dress room, and shoe room), all of which you could get for free should you be recognizable. The biggest celeb I met was Joe Pantaliano, who's famous for being "Cypher" in The Matriz and "Francis Fratelli" in The Goonies. His role in Memento is also brilliant. His teeth are so white, I couldn't stop staring. He was nice, but busy, and had other, more interesting people to meet besides one little fan. All in all, it was a fun and interesting experience, but certainly not a lifestyle that I care to have.

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